Thursday, March 1, 2012

DJ Mjeseca Mart / DJ Month March

Amela(dj),Purivatra amela,of her real name,is a french complete female artist of 35 years old, dj remixer & producer but also singer and author. from a yougoslavian family,she is borned on the 09 th of october 1975 to brussel in belgium fan of many styles of music and artists,she loves music; then she decided at 15 years old to start to sing and write her lyrics.then she decided to sing for djs as live vocalist and after a lot of years of hard work herself she submitted in 2009 to enter in professionnal's musical shools as c.i.a.m and dj art school to get valorisation of her statut in the world of professionnal music. then in 2010 she started to get a good level in djing and producing after many month of work she went out with the dj art school professionnal certificate in july 2010. author of her remixes in progressiv house music's style but also in techno and trans or acid house music,producer,amela still works on her own musical's productions and prepare her solo album preview to release in end of the year 2011 she also had all ready released singles in featuring as midout vs amvox and other artists soon will come. amela plays in live usually in bordeaux,where she lives in france.after a lot of sets as guest dj and warms up or again befores, she plays in live in biggests towns of the world as spain,italia,serbia,bosnia,croatia,france,...and many more

Amela (DJ), Amela PURIVATRA il suo nome reale, è un’ artista francese COMPLETA. DJ REMIXER e produttrice, è anche cantante e autrice. FAN e amante di molti stili di musica e di artisti; decide a 15 anni di iniziare a cantare e scrivere HER LYRICS.THEN ha deciso di cantare per DJ, VOCALIST LIVE AND Dopo anni di duro lavoro enta nel 2009 in scuole musicali come la CIAM e la scuola d’arte dj che la valorizza come professionista nel mondo della musica. nel 2010 ha cominciato a ottenere un ottimo livello come dj e produrre mese dopo mese molti lavori usciti e certificati dalla scuola dei dj professionisti. Autrice di diversi remix in stile house music progressive ma anche nella musica techno/house. In uscita a fine 2011 con il suo album completo.


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