Monday, August 1, 2011

Dj Mjeseca Avgust: Adnan Jakubović

Adnan Jakubovic was born on 11.11.1986 in the city of Tuzla, Bosnia and Hercegovina. His first interest in electronic music was around the time the war was over, 1997. The first CD that he has purchased was from Prodigy "Music for jilted generation".

After that he slowly came into contact with the production of: Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, Propellerheads etc. At the age of 16 he attended his first techno party, which was the Chris Liebing party in Tuzla 26.03.04. After that he started to research more about the different genres of music, like psytrance , techno and progressive house.

Today, Adnan produces more of progressive house and progressive trance. He became active in producing towards the end of 2010. His production has been described as being real original, dark and plenty of underground sound. He looks up to today’s producers like Moshic, Sasha, John Digweed, Deadmau5, Michael Woods, Pryda, Paul Kalkbrenner etc.

He loves to experiment with a lot of different sounds and different genres including trance elements in a progressive sound.
At the moment he has one EP out with Divinus Records (Croatia). As well with plenty more different tracks and remixes.

Record Labels:
Divinus Records [Croatia]
Benny Records [Germany]

Email for remixes, booking and promos for DJ's and other promoters:


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